Akron Firefighters Credit Union

To report a lost, stolen or fraudulent activity on your Mastercard debit card, please call: 800-528-2273

To report a lost, stolen or fraudulent activity on your VISA credit card, please call: 888-720-6836

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  Loan Rates
Loan Rates  
New Auto up to 72 months Special As Low As 2.49%
Used Auto up to 60 months Special As Low As 2.49%
Motorcycle up to 60 months As Low As 4.99%
Recreational and Boat up to 60 months As Low As 5.99%
Recreational and Boat 72-84 months As Low As 6.99%
Recreational and Boat >84 months As Low As 7.99%
Signature Loans     Call Credit Union for rates
  Share Rates 
Share Certificates - Minimum $1,000 APY
3 Months** 0.15%
6 Months 0.30%
12 Months 0.55%
24 Months 0.80%

**3 month share certificate rate for roll-overs only. No new money.

Money Market APY
$2,500 - $4,999 0.10%
$5,000 - $9,999 0.15%
$10,000 + 0.25%
Minimum $100 .90%
Regular Shares APY
Minimum $100 0.10%
Christmas Club APY
Minimum $100 0.10%

Fee Schedule

Loan Fees  
Late Payment Fee
$15.00 (after 10 day grace)
Loan Add-on Fee
$49.00 per loan
Short Term Loan Application Fee
$29.00 per loan

Share Draft/Checking Account Fees  
Courtesy Pay $29.00 per item
NSF (non-sufficient funds) $29.00 per item
OD (overdraft) $29.00 per item
Stop Payment $29.00 per item
Lost or Damaged Star Replacement Card $15.00 per card
Lost or Damaged Debit Card Replacement $15.00 per card
Checkbook Reconciliation $18.00 per hour
Statement Reprint $5.00 per stmnt
Account Printout $3.00 per account
Photocopy of Check $5.00 per check
Printed Checks Varies (see catalogue)
Other Fees  

Wire Transfer Fee

 $25.00 Outgoing
  No fee for incoming

Research Fee

$20.00 per hour

Excess Withdrawal Fee

$3 (per Trans after 6 per month)

Loan Late Payment Fee

$15 after grace period

Money Orders - Members

$2.00 each

Money Orders - Non-Members

$5.00 each

Cashier's Checks - Members

$5.00 each

Casher's Checks - Non-Members

$15.00 each

*Credit Union Check

$3.00 each

Account Closure Fee (if closed within 180 days of opening)

$15.00 per account

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee - Checks under $400

$5.00 per check

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee - Checks over $400

1.5% of check amount

**Savings Account Non-Activity Fee

$12.00 per year

*Members - 2 free credit union checks per visit per day. Non-Members 1 free credit union check per visit per day.

**Non-Activity = no account activity for 12 consecutive months. Accounts with active loans and/or checking accounts are exempt. Accounts linked with another or other active accounts are exempt.