Akron Firefighters Credit Union

To report a lost, stolen or fraudulent activity on your Mastercard debit card, please call: 800-528-2273

To report a lost, stolen or fraudulent activity on your VISA credit card, please call: 888-720-6836

There is a Mortgage Protection Notification Scam
If you receive a letter that may look legitimate that's says: Mortgage Protection Notification Complete and Return, please disregard this letter.

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Equal Housing Lender

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Target Breach Information
TARGET DATA BREACH : If you have used your debit card or credit card at a Target store between the dates of 11/27/2013 and 12/15/2013, your card may have been involved in a data breach. Please contact the Credit Union to determine if your card was included in the data breach. We advise you to closely monitor your account for any unauthorized transactions. If you find that you have items that you did not authorize, please notify the Credit Union immediately. After hours, you may report fraudulent debit card transactions at 800 528 2273; for Visa credit cards, the after hours number is 888 720 6836.

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